Wireless Deployments &
Structured Cabling Services

01 Safety

Maintaining safety is our highest priority.

02 Quality

Delivering quality service is our goal.

03 Efficiency

Getting the job done efficiently is our focus.


Virtus Communications provides quality integrated services and solutions for the wireless telecommunications and structured cable industries.

Client Focused

We understand the unique challenges that our customers face and look to build an equally specialized solution to overcome potential deployment obstacles.

Quality Services

We implement strategies and procedures throughout the entire development process that drive performance levels and adherence to quality standards.

Service Culture

We focus on taking ownership and delivering excellent service by building a team of leaders that strive to achieve excellence in all that they do.

Collaborative Partnerships

We believe in utilizing strategies that advance the objectives of our clients, and in collaborating through effective communication and refined processes designed for each project.


Virtus Communications provides services in the wireless telecommunications and structured cable industry through strategic partnerships that increase productivity and the quality of network deployments.

Wireless Telecommunications

Structured Cabling

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